The First GTA5 Trailer

Rockstar released their first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5 last night. I’ve gotta say, I’m seriously excited!

(Watch trailer here:

I came late to the GTA series. The first game I ever really sat down and played was GTA4. Sure, I went on killing sprees when visiting friends houses from as far back as GTA3 (didn’t we all?! :D), but they’re just not the same as experiencing the real deal; there’s so much more that you miss out on if you only play it that way.

When my friend bought GTA4 for me for my birthday I discovered what I’d been missing. I finally understood why GTA is one of the biggest franchises in gaming. The story and characters were simply incredible – GTA4 is easily one of my top 5 games story-wise OF ALL TIME! (And I’ve been playing games for over 10 years now). It’s snappy, it’s witty, and it’s really interesting. You’re more than part of a sandbox; you’re part of a world of interesting and seriously deranged criminals. If GTA was made into a TV series it would be one of the best. The writing is just that good.

And the crazy shoot-outs, robberies and car chases are pretty awesome as well.

There’re plenty of really big games coming out over the next few months, and it seems crazy to be thinking ahead when there’s so much new content just about to hit store shelves – Skyrim, Zelda, Assassin’s Creed, Mass Effect 3, to name a few – but GTA5 is making me do just that. Screw everything else, I want to drive around like a madman, I want to rob banks, I want to bring my psycho friends to the bowling alley; I want to play GTA!!

Actually… I still haven’t played Red Dead Redemption yet. And I saw the Game of the Year Edition for 30euro yesterday… Hmmm… Horses are pretty similar to cars, right? Possibilities…

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