Pizza and Flirtatious Poles

Today I went to The Independent Pizza Company on Dorset Street for dinner with my friends James and Jessica.

Quick review:

  • The food was great; really nice pizzas with a wide range of toppings. (James invited me to dinner; Jess invited herself. I told her “bros before hos” but she just wouldn’t listen! Appropriately I got the ‘NoHo’ pizza. Jess got the ‘SoHo’. [No, I’m not kidding, those were actually the names of our pizzas!] What a third wheel.)
  • The place was really nice – they had hung framed covers of Rolling Stone from the past few decades on the walls. Nothing beats eating pizza under the watchful gaze of a young Bob Dylan
  • The price was very reasonable – 10 euro for a pizza

The stand out part of the experience though was undoubtedly the waiter. Loud, gay, and very flirtatious; there’s nothing quite like a waiter from Poland.

They mustn’t teach people how to flirt subtly over there. I found the whole thing quite amusing; James took the brunt of his interest (which made Jess jealous – she must’ve liked the look of him). The waiter had some great lines (which I will make better by quoting out of context) such as “You look expensive” and “For you it’s free”. The pizza wasn’t the only thing that was cheesy. (Had to be said! I’m sorry!). Inquiring after the state of our drinks every couple of minutes, the least that can be said is that he made the experience much more fun.

James gave him a big wink with his tip. He earned it 😉

I apologize to any Poles who might have been offended by this article. As Father Ted would say, they’re a great bunch of lads.

On a completely unrelated note, according to a paper I read on the way home (over the-guy-in-front-of-me-on-the-bus’ shoulder – I was bored!) the average bath contains 80 liters of water.

That’s a lot of liters.

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