Just Life: Blogging

If Laptop was a dog, It would look something like this

Today I’m lazy: here’s a blog about life.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks so I haven’t been able to write as much as I would have liked. Lectures are over for the year now; on Monday we’re starting Teaching Practice preparation instead, which will take up the next three weeks before the Christmas holidays. It should be interesting to see what our timetable for that is like. Hopefully it won’t be too bad, then I’ll be able to write as much as I had planned to!

I’ve been aiming to write a blog a day. And sadly I’ve been failing 😛 It takes a surprising amount of time to write a blog (well, a good blog. This type of blog is much easier haha). I’ll have to try to write some extra ones at the weekend so that I have something for those weekdays when I’m simply too busy (or lazy!) to make one.

So what sort of stuff am I planning to post over the next week? Well, I’ve got another short story about my laptop almost finished. I hadn’t been planning to do another one of those but then, well, my laptop started acting like it always does  (i.e. irascibly dysfunctional!) which painfully reminded me why I hate it so much – and I just couldn’t help but complain about  it some more. Then, when I sat down to write about it, it ended up needing 2 separate stories to cover. In the first, Laptop seizes its opportunity to play a horrible trick on its poor Master; in the second, Master returns to take his revenge.

Speaking of laptops, I got a really nice stoke of luck during the week: my uncle gave me his old laptop to use after being shocked by Laptop’s behaviour in my first story. It’s much better than my old one (it actually works!!!!); typing up stories etc. just became a whole lot easier. Laptop is not too impressed with this newcomer – there could be another story in that too.

Actually, I clearly must have been wrong when I said that this style of blog post takes much less time to write than the others: I’ve already been interrupted FOUR times by my mother! (Once to make her coffee, once to find her phone for her, once to answer a different phone for her, and then a fourth time to wrap some presents. I would defend her with the excuse that she’s sick at the moment… But that would be a lie – she’s always like this 😛 She also reads these blogs. Better not tell her about this one. /feigns innocence. Don’t look at the computer mum: here, have some more coffee instead!).

Regarding blog posts for this week, I should be writing a movie review or two, hopefully another ‘Some Thoughts’ blog (they’re the hardest to write), the Laptop story I mentioned above, and a “Things in Skyrim that Suck” post (where I will be ridiculously over-critical!). Not to mention my regular blog posts as well (those ideas basically come to me on the day so I can’t predict them :P).

This blog is probably already too long and boring so I’m gonna stop writing.

I leave you with Kevin’s Fun Fact of the Day: a sneeze travels out of your mouth at over 100 miles per hour.


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