A Month of Blogging

I realized today that the end of November marked the one monthiversary of my blog 🙂

Pretty awesome!

I’ve gotta say it’s been a lot of fun; I don’t really know how I never wrote stuff before! I might try to write some longer novella style things over the Christmas break, since there will be a couple of weeks there where I won’t need to be doing any college work at all. Just one more week to go… one more week to go…

So after a month I’ve had almost 1,800 views in total, which is pretty nuts. Admittedly, about 800 of those views came from one single post, my guide to fixing a serious bug with the Companions guild quest-line in Skyrim, which totally dwarfs all the others (I’d say my average view-count per post is about 20 to 30 views). I never would have guessed that so many people would be trying to find information on such a specific issue but it’s nice to know that they might be finding something useful here.

Now, if only they’d read the other stuff too… :L

I’d like to give a big shout-out to my friend Paul who got me into writing this blog in the first place! As well as running a website of his own, Paul started up a writing society in our college this year and dragged me into writing for its e-magazine The Scribbler 😛 He’s been a massive help with getting the appearance of my site up to scratch, and I’d definitely recommend having a look at his own stuff too.

As you can probably see, I’ve been writing a lot of stuff since one month ago! Some of that stuff I would never have foreseen myself doing. (Poetry?! Where did that come from?!). It is from my mind though – which is kind of the point of the blog I guess – so I’ll probably keep writing it 😛 I’ve found myself writing a short story a week, and I’ll try to keep that up – people have been responding really positively to those.

Thanks to everyone who has read my stuff so far! (And even thanks to those who have not yet but in the future might – you aren’t reading this now… but I’m thinking of you… Creepy? You betcha.) Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it 🙂

Right, I think that’s enough patting myself on the shoulder…



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