When Marriage Ends

My fragile

You are the frailest flower in the yard

Drinking pills with a plastic glass of stale water.

You are draped like the frosted twinkles of Christmas that dot the street outside our dark and quiet home

Melting away in the lightest touch of dandruff snow

Ethereal and bruised.

I share myself with you, but through a pane of early twilight

Tender shaking smile

Light ephemeral.

I would take you in my arms but for fear that yours would snap;

That you would collapse in my embrace.


And they say:

‘In sickness and in health

Till death do us part.’


Sickly sweet.


And sometimes when the sun has set

In that deepest silent night

I dream a putrid secret thought:

What if I crushed your lips to mine

To share just one last loving kiss?


I’d open wide to taste the tears.


One last kiss;

One touch of love.

Then you would break

Instead of me.

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