The Best Names in Badminton

Badminton players. Ironically, I don't know these ones' names!

So I’m home from watching badminton a bit earlier than I expected to be. The result? You get a short blog about badminton! Smashing news!

The badminton tournament I’m talking about here is the Yonex Irish Internationals, which is on this weekend in Lisburn. Lots of the world’s top players are/were taking part. One of the most interesting things about badminton is seeing the strange and foreign names that different players have. Here are the three I found the most interesting, and my reasons why:

  1. Rasmussen Bonde – The name’s Bonde. Rasmussen Bonde. The awesome thing about this name is that Rasmussen is normally a surname; an exception clearly had to be made in this particular case. For awesomeness’ sake. Parents, I salute you!
  2. Dave Khodabux – Dave is a pretty ordinary name; forget that bit. ‘Khodabux’ though?! FREAKIN’ SWEET!! I’m seriously considering changing my name from Kevin to Khodabux. It’s like Wheatabix, if Wheatabix were made of awesomeness instead of wheat.
  3. Hongyan Pi ~ * – Why is there a tilde and an asterisk in this girl’s name? Was it merely a bug in the tournament’s software or are the Chinese just that crazy? I really don’t know. But it’s pretty damn cool if you ask me. I feel sorry for the teacher who had to call that out to check attendance in school.

Those were the best three names I heard this weekend.

And let’s face it: if this blog was named From the Mind of Khodabux Bonde ~ * instead of From the Mind of Kevin, it would probably be the most popular blog in the world.

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