Visiting the Doctor

So it turns out I have a throat infection. This recounts my visit to the doctor (who sounds suspiciously like Ali G). Respect.

Kevin Murray? The doctor will see you now. If you will please follow me… Through this door here… Doctor Kavanagh? Kevin Murray to see you.

Owright tanks love, you iz bein’ da badest gansta in da surgery today, ya hear me?

… Thank you Doctor Kavanagh. I’ll just leave you with Kevin now I think…

Owright, owright. Kevin, innit?

Uh… Yeah. Hi Doc?

Owright boss, wha’ iz bein’ da problem?

OK… Um… Well, I think I have a throat infection.

Wicked! You throa’ be hurtin’ cuz you iz such a playa’, innit?

Sorry what?!?

You be wearin’ i’ out cuz you iz a beastly playa’, ya know wha’ I’m sayin’?

No. No. Em. I think you’re confusing me with someone else…

Gettin’ all da gurls, you iz a gurl shiftin’ monsta’!

No! Doc that’s not it at all!

Owright boss I get ya: ya used ta be a playa’. Den ya took an arrow in da knee.

Hang on a second…!

Let’s have a’ look a’ dis throa’ anywayz.

Good idea. Should I open my mouth like this? AWWWW-

Oi! Oi! Oi! Wha’ iz ya doin’?! You iz tryin’ ta shift me? I ain’t dat kinda gansta!

What-! No-! I wasn’t-!

Iz no botha boss. Look, here’s da prescriptifier for da an’ib’otics.

Thanks Doc, that’s rea-

– And here’s a sneaky one for some E!


Owright, keep it real brotha, keep it real! Don’ be shoutin’, da copperz will hear ya! E is da perfec’ ting for da throa’ infectin’.

I… Yeah… Uh, thanks I guess?

Since you iz bein’ such a badass gansta, I iz give you dis one for free.

Really!? That’s great! I don-

Nah I iz only messin’ wi’ ya! Dat’s 60 squid!

And don’ be shiftin’ all dem gurls again, ya hear me?

Sure. Whatever. I’ll watch out for that. No worries.


Yeah, respect Doc, respect.

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