1000 Gamerscore in Skyrim: Achievement Tips

Today I finally got 1000 gamerscore in Skyrim. BAM! This is the first game I’ve ever gotten all the achievements for and I’m feeling rather proud. So, I’ve decided to write this post – under the guise of offering you a few tips for the trickiest achievements – as an excuse to brag 😉 I’m a terrible person!

Most of the achievements in Skyrim are fairly easy to get; you just have to spend time doing the quests to get them. There’s a couple of ones that are a bit tricky though, and there are a few things you can do to make the process much less arduous and painful. Here’s some of my tips for doing them:

1. Master – Reach level 50

You’ll probably reach this by the time you do all the achievements relating to quests. But if you’re like me and ran two different characters (one sneaky one and one “honorable” one, thereby doing only half the quests on each), you might need a little help getting this. Crafting skills are incredibly easy to level up, as you can simply buy everything you need. And oddly enough, this can actually be very profitable as well! I’ll talk about this a bit more in the next section.

Another tip is that you can get free skill training from your followers. Simply open their inventory after you get the training from them and take back all your gold! It’s a really easy way to boost your leveling. I would also highly recommend conjuration, as it is a really easy skill to level up. Unlike other skills which get harder to level up as you raise them, conjuration actually gets easier, because the ‘Conjure Dremora Lord’ spell raises the skill ridiculously fast. Spam it whenever you have the magicka and watch your skill climb to 100!

2. Golden Touch – Have 100,000 gold

This is probably the achievement which you will have to put the most planning into getting. The first thing you should do to make this is easier is to NOT SPEND MONEY!! Don’t buy extra houses, unnecessary skill training, or silly items; use ONLY the house in Whiterun, use followers for skill training, and live off loot. You’re going to generate a lot of gold from doing quests: finishing the Thieves guild is a massive grind but at least you’ll get a lot of money from it. The Dark Brotherhood also gives you a TON of money – you’ll get at least a quarter of this achievement from their questlines alone.

Now, you might be thinking that there’s a problem with saving money – you want to level up your crafting skills to get you to level 50 and they’re huge money-sinks! Well, as a matter of fact, you can actually make a lot of money by using your crafting skills. How does this work? The answer to all your problems is: iron daggers enchanted with banish daedra. Invest in an iron ingot, a leather strip and a pretty soul gem, and you’ll soon emerge with a weapon that sells for roughly 1000 gold. Nice! These things are so easy to make that you’ll end up having more than you could ever sell to the poor shopkeepers – which means that you can buy all the materials you could ever want off them, then get your money straight back by handing in a few of your lovely daggers.

Another small tip I would give for someone grinding out this achievement is to use the Steed Stone buff when you’re going dungeon crawling. This buff adds 100 pounds to your encumbrance limit, which will make you loot plundering adventures far more efficient!

3. Thief – Pick 50 locks and 50 pockets

The lock-picking half of this achievement is really easy and you should pick it up within a few hours of starting your game. The pick-pocketing bit, however, is much more annoying. The good news is that by “50 pockets” this means 50 items, not 50 different people – you can easily pick this up by working through a handful of people in a single city or inn (I used Whiterun). If you’re like me and never picked a pocket at all during you normal play-through, there’s a couple of things you can do to make life easier for yourself.

One option is to buy training in pick-pocketing from one of the guys in the Thieves Guild. The option I went with, however, was to get a set of gear (gloves, boots, ring and necklace) which I then enchanted to fortify pick-pocketing. Although I only had level 20 pick-pocketing, wearing the gear raised my chance of success to 90%. Then all you have to do is run around pick-pocketing everyone you see until the achievement pops up. Ping! If you get caught there’s nothing to worry about – just pay the fine (which is only 25 gold) and go back to your thieving ways. If you help yourself out like this, this achievement won’t be half as much hassle as it would be otherwise.

4. Thu’um Master – Learn 20 shouts

Luckily you only need to learn one word of every shout to get this achievement. It’s not too tricky, and you’ll probably pick all of them up by the time you’ve gotten all the quest and level related achievements. However, if you’re really stuck, talk to Arngier in High Hrothgar and he’ll give you repeating miscellaneous quests (and thus, map locations) to find each of the words you have not yet found (excluding ones that are only opened up through quests). You’ll have to find some extra words which you don’t need for this achievement – but if you’re a completionist like me, you’ll probably want to find them all anyway! This line of Greybeard side-quests is also very handy for finding all the dragon priests (which should be an achievement as well, but sadly isn’t). Also, if you plan on doing this, do it before you do the Parthaanax quest (you’ll know the one I’m talking about when you see it!).

Thanks for reading, I hope you found some useful ideas here for your own journey to 1000 gamerscore in Skyrim. Here’s hoping that they’ll release more achievements in future DLC. (And there better be one relating to “an arrow in the knee”!) Please leave a comment if you have any neat tricks of your own. Kevin out!

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