Introducing: DnD

(For those who don’t do acronyms, that’s  Dungeons and Dragons!)

A lot of stuff goes into playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons. There’s a tactical map that’s used for fights; there’s dice rolls and number-crunching; and most importantly, there’s storytelling and role-playing. I’ve been interested in trying DnD for a while, and thanks to a new DnD group in college I’m finally going to have that chance.

Our actual DnD playing sessions won’t start until February, due to most of us being quite busy on teaching practice for the month of January. The main purpose behind this new category is to provide a specific space in my blog for the adventures that will be unfolding around the DnD table – adventures which I hope to, at least in part, chronicle. (We’ll see whether or not I will have time to do so when the time comes!). I’m a big fan of fantasy books, and those of you who read fantasy as well will probably have noticed that many of the top authors found inspiration for their characters and worlds from playing DnD. Maybe something similar will happen for me!

For now though, I’m opening up this space early for what is probably one of my favorite aspects of role-playing in any context: character creation. This means creating a character from literally the bottom up! (OK that actually sounds really weird. Maybe not literally. Metaphorically. Definitely metaphorically.) Appearance, personality, fighting style, and back-story are just some examples of the things that you have to decide on before you actually sit down to play. Once you start the game you’re sharing the story with the rest of the players and the DM, so character creation is probably the main area where the individual player can be at his/her most creative.

I’ve got a couple of ideas rattling around in my head that I will try to bring together over the next few weeks. Some will be serious, some will be more humorous. To start off, I’ve created the character Baern Broadhoof, a Dwarf Paladin who is just a tad bit crazy – in a funny way! I’ll be posting his introduction in the new ‘DnD’ section (between ‘Poetry’ and ‘Short Stories’) momentarily. Enjoy!

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