Lack of Writing

A Letter to my Loyal Fans:

Bonjour mes amis!

Between teaching practice and The Old Republic I haven’t had any time to write anything for the last couple of weeks. I know that all of you (my deliriously devoted horde of rabid fans) are literally at your wits end without dazzlingly brilliant new articles from Kevin to see you through each day.

As this is undoubtedly the case for at least 90% of the internet’s population, I wanted to write this post to reassure you all…

…That I’m still going to be busy for the next two weeks so you’re totally SCREWED!!!!


*Cue distraught exclamations of dismay from fans of Kevin the world over*

It’s terrible, I know. And you know what? I don’t feel even slightly guilty 😛

So I’ll see you all in two weeks time – if you can survive that long!

Yours Sincerely, Kevin 😉

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