Impulse Buying: CDs

[P.S. (pre-script!) I’m back writing now. WOOO!!!]

I don’t know about you, but I generally consider impulse buying to be a very bad idea! So, when I went to HMV yesterday and bought a CD completely out of the blue… Well, there was a rather large amount of reckless glee involved! And you know what? It actually turned out to be really good!

There’s been a lot of rumors going around that HMV is closing down in Ireland. Considering the amount of downloading that’s going on (both legally and illegally), I’m not that surprised. It’s just easier to buy (or steal) music online. I use iTunes, and it’s really handy to listen to a preview of something before you buy it, or browse through related/suggested artists. I can happily spend a few hours browsing for music online before finally deciding on something. I’ve been in CD shops abroad where you can scan a CD into a preview stand and listen to it there and then, but there’s nothing like that in Ireland.

Then the other day, while cleaning out my room after the paperwork nightmare that was teaching practice, I found a lonely HMV voucher just sitting there waiting to be used.  Startled realization: better use it quick!

So into HMV I went, voucher clasped in hand. I didn’t really have a clue what I was looking for (my taste in music can be eclectic to say the least) so I spent about half an hour wandering the shop pretty aimlessly. Eventually, I stumbled across an album by Mogwai, a post-rock band that I quite like. And guess what? It was part of a 2 for 14 euro deal. And, as everyone knows, when a CD is part of a 2 for X euro deal you simply have to get that second CD as well!

What to buy? What to buy?! Coldplay, Machine Head and The Dillinger Escape Plan were all briefly considered and hastily abandoned (if you’ve every heard anything by The Dillinger Escape Plan you’ll realize just how desperate I was getting. They’re… Yeah…).

Then, loftily perched above the Metal section, I spotted this:

We Are The Ocean: Go Now and Live

Hey, it’s a pretty nice cover for a CD right? I certainly liked it a lot. The name of the band and the artwork suggests that they could be a post-rock band too – hardly metal at all. And I like post-rock. (As I said, eclectic!) After a moment’s thoughtful contemplation, I grabbed it and decided “Ah sure why not!!”

Turns out they’re not a post-rock band at all. They’re aren’t metal either. Wikipedia says they’re post-hardcore but that still isn’t quite right. They’re… fairly mainstream rock actually. Sure, there’s the old dual singer (one clean one gruff) trick that’s reminiscent of hardcore, but setting that aside they remind me of a cross between Feeder and the Foo Fighters. With a dash of indie. And a rather healthy dose of emo! Yeah, I like emo 😛

Anyway, I’m quite happy with my impulse buy. Usually these things go horribly wrong for me. I’ve been enjoying it so much that poor old Mogwai hasn’t even got a listen yet! And there’s still 6 euro left on my voucher to go towards their first album… Great success!

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