Kevin’s Favorite Boxers

Sometimes when you really like a pair of boxers, you just have to wear them on your head.

Caught in the act.

I am not ashamed…

A lot of people were curious about the intriguing pair of purple boxers that I wore while bag-packing last weekend. So–ever eager to please my loyal fans–I have created this special edition, once in a lifetime post so that you can finally witness them in all of their 3 megapixel glory.

Et… Voila!:

Mes boxeurs pourpres. Magnifique, non?!

In honor of this grand occasion, I even tried to write some poems about them:

‘Roses are red, my boxers are purple,

They are the best, my boxers are… purple.’

(Hmmm… Let’s try that again…)

‘My boxers are awesome, all stripey and purple,

Lovely and soft, and shaped like a… circle?’

Ok, so nothing really rhymes with purple. (And I’ve said the word ‘purple’ so many times now that it’s lost all meaning to me.) I give up! We’ll just take the lack of rhyme to mean that my boxers are even more unique and awesome (and purple. lol.) than we could have ever realized.

[Do we have time for one more boxers-on-head photo??]

If I were a superhero: Le Boxeur Bandito.

SO badass!!!

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