A Couple of Days Off for Christmas


It’s basically Christmas! Which means that Kevin will be busy busy busy hanging out with his rather large extended family 😀 As such, I probably won’t be posting anything much over the next few days. (Unless I get insomnia. Which has been known to happen. Especially on Christmas Eve! ;)). I’ve put up a couple of long posts – one Some Thoughts article, and one long fantasy short story – so you can read those if you have a few spare moments over the next few days and need a “Kevin fix”.

(I hear it’s a quickly developing medical condition.)

Anyway, that’s me (probably) done for Christmas. Though I do have one post timed to come up tomorrow at 10. It’s my first scheduled post on WordPress.com. /tear. It’s short and sweet… Like the lifespan of a typical selection box in my house 😛 I thought it would be appropriate.

OK that’s enough talking! Happy Christmas! – Kevin out!

A Month of Blogging

I realized today that the end of November marked the one monthiversary of my blog 🙂

Pretty awesome!

I’ve gotta say it’s been a lot of fun; I don’t really know how I never wrote stuff before! I might try to write some longer novella style things over the Christmas break, since there will be a couple of weeks there where I won’t need to be doing any college work at all. Just one more week to go… one more week to go… Continue reading