The Best Names in Badminton

Badminton players. Ironically, I don't know these ones' names!

So I’m home from watching badminton a bit earlier than I expected to be. The result? You get a short blog about badminton! Smashing news!

The badminton tournament I’m talking about here is the Yonex Irish Internationals, which is on this weekend in Lisburn. Lots of the world’s top players are/were taking part. One of the most interesting things about badminton is seeing the strange and foreign names that different players have. Here are the three I found the most interesting, and my reasons why: Continue reading

No Computer ’till Sunday


Yeah, so it was the college Christmas party last night and I didn’t have a chance to write anything. (I spent most of my time freezing, actually. Used up all my long-sleeved shirts for teaching practice. Oops!)

And I’m going up to Lisburn to watch badminton today. So I won’t be able to write anything then.

And I won’t be home until Saturday night, whence I wilst be tiredacious, hence… Well, I think you get where this is going by now! 😛

How will you survive without me for three days? There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth, I should imagine. If I were you I would be upset too.

OK listen: if I’m feeling nice I might write something using the ol’ pen and paper while I’m away – but don’t expect anything to be uploaded until Sunday.

Cuz there’s NO WAY I’m bringing that bloody Laptop!