Steve and the Egg that Did Not Break

Steve’s wisdom was not always greeted openly by the people who heard it. Indeed, I am sorry to say that there were many who hated and attacked him for it. I record here one of the first of these incidents, when the Elders of our village challenged and criticized Steve’s wisdom before us all. Let us begin:

One day when Steve was deep in thought, the Elders of our village came to challenge his teaching. There were six of them in the group: five Elders and the Chief Elder, and the Chief Elder carried an egg in his hands. It was early in the morning, and many of us had not yet risen from bed, but Steve’s favorite disciple greeted them at the door and brought them before him. Continue reading

Everything is Better Sliced

My Snacking habits were revolutionized this year when I discovered the life changing invention that is the apple slicer. Slicing one’s apple is an ingenious culinary technique that is based on the simple yet elegant principle – we’ll call it Kevin’s First Gastronomic Principle – that Everything is Better Sliced.

Your standard apple slicer

Sliced apple is absolutely fantastic for a number of reasons: Continue reading