My Top 5 Staple Foods

Staple foods are those foods that make up the bulk of what you eat. You’re going to be eating these foods every single day and this means that you will have favorites among them – and maybe even ones that you can’t stand! My granddad, for example, won’t eat rice or noodles; he’s a potato man to the bone. In this post I’m going to rank 5 of my main staple foods and tell you why I prefer some of them to others. This list will be in reverse order, i.e. starting with my least liked at 5 and moving up to my favorite at 1.

I apologize if anyone gets hungry while reading this.

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5 Things I Don’t Like About Skyrim

So, I’ve had Skyrim for over a week now and I’m roughly 50 hours into it. I’ve finished the main quest and a couple of the biggest side quests as well. Don’t get me wrong, Skyrim is an absolutely amazing game. What I want to do in this post, however, is to make 5 criticisms of things that I think the game did badly; the things that it could improve upon.

Combine this post with my First Impressions one and you’ve got yourself a fairly solid review of the game (at least, I hope so!). Anyway, on with the nitpicking! Continue reading

Traffic Jams

The blogging possibilities are, much like the traffic, endless..

Yesterday I told my sister I had written a blog about an apple slicer which she might like to read. She looked at me with haughty disdain and said “The things you write about are stupid”.

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