Ten Tasks for December

Ten tasks for December:

1. Get a new profile picture for my Facebook page, Blog and Twitter. This old one is no good!

2. Add my info etc. to my new Twitter account. Think about using Twitter more. Likely abandon the idea 😛

3. Look into resurrecting and linking in my Google+ account for any potential readers who use that.

4. Browse more blogs on WordPress.com. They’re surprisingly good!

5. Use the holidays to write some longer creative stuff – novella perhaps? Admit to myself that there’s no way I’ll get it done 😛

6. Write a blog about mince pies. Eat some for the sake of good research.

7. Write more of these asides – they’re great fun!

8. Try to get back to achieving my goal of a post a day.

9. Get lazy and use point 7 to fulfill point 8.

10. Profit?

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