Bag-packing In Tesco

You can probably tell from the title that this is going to be an INCREDIBLY EXCITING BLOG POST!!! If so, I must compliment you on your finely honed perceptions! (And you think I’m being ironic?!?) I went bag-packing for the first time in my life on Saturday, and thus began my first foray into that noblest of trades. It was not entirely of my own volition mind you; my cousin and a couple of her friends from medicine in UCD needed people to help out with some fundraising and I was more than happy [(-_-)] to oblige! But you know what? In the end it actually turned out to be a lot of fun!

Le bag.

The whole point of the collection was to raise money for a hospital in Sierra Leone, with most of the donations going towards medical supplies such as antibiotics and vaccines which my cousin and her friends would be bringing over with them when they went over to assist. (As far as I know they actually paid for their own travel expenses.) It was a surprisingly noble cause, and the amount of money that people donated was, I think, a fair reflection of that. It was also a much needed salve for my normally laid-back self-image; if I had gotten off my butt to collect for something silly like new jerseys for a football team I don’t think I’d have ever been able to look at my reflection straight again! Continue reading

My Top 5 Staple Foods

Staple foods are those foods that make up the bulk of what you eat. You’re going to be eating these foods every single day and this means that you will have favorites among them – and maybe even ones that you can’t stand! My granddad, for example, won’t eat rice or noodles; he’s a potato man to the bone. In this post I’m going to rank 5 of my main staple foods and tell you why I prefer some of them to others. This list will be in reverse order, i.e. starting with my least liked at 5 and moving up to my favorite at 1.

I apologize if anyone gets hungry while reading this.

On with the list! Continue reading

Everything is Better Sliced

My Snacking habits were revolutionized this year when I discovered the life changing invention that is the apple slicer. Slicing one’s apple is an ingenious culinary technique that is based on the simple yet elegant principle – we’ll call it Kevin’s First Gastronomic Principle – that Everything is Better Sliced.

Your standard apple slicer

Sliced apple is absolutely fantastic for a number of reasons: Continue reading